Band Trip to New York City

Claudia Jimenez, Staff Reporter

   The Bishop Noll band spent spring break in New York City from March 24-28. This is their extended field trip. Previously, they traveled to Memphis, TN, for the Liberty Bowl in January 2017.

  “I chose to go to New York City because, in my opinion, it is the main hub of music in our country. Many musicians, actors and actresses are more likely to find work in New York City,” said Mr.Rocco Carioto, band director.

   The band performed a series of concerts and toured the New York Philharmonic, Rockefeller Center, and the flight desk of the USS Intrepid. Aside from this, the band will also be visiting the 9/11 museum, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island.

   Additionally, they saw a Broadway performance of The Phantom of the Opera, where band members were given the opportunity to ask some of the actors and people behind the scenes questions.

  “The goal of this trip was to give the students a taste of what professional performing is like, to help prepare them for college, and to help them become a much better concert band in return as a whole,” Carioto said.

  There were about 40 band students and 7 chaperones. Each students cost added up to $900. Carioto said through a series of fundraisers, including two Bishop Noll fish fries, the band was able to cut the cost in half for band families.