Xanadu is Coming to Stage this April

Valerie Arellano, Staff Reporter

     The musical Xanadu is about a struggling artist named Sonny Malone. He gets a boring job painting album covers. One day he sees in the background of one of his assignments an anonymous woman named Kira who he is attracted to. He visits the auditorium of where the cover was shot and meets her and she encourages him to team up with Danny McGuire to build a roller-skating disco.

  This story will be hitting the stage on April 22 when the Bishop Noll drama club debuts Xanadu

Drama club’s sponsor Mrs. Kayla Konkle, chose this musical because of all the fun memories she had with it when she was in high school.

“I chose to do Xanadu Because I wanted to do a bright, colorful and fun musical that was full of excitement and a bit of cheesy comedy,” Konkle said. “I actually was in it when I was in high school for a summer theater program and I remember just how fun and memorable the music is.”

Konkle is excited to teach the kids to learn how to roller skate which is a big part of this musical.

“The fun thing about Xanadu the musical is that it already has a spin, it’s a Parody of the 1980’s cult classic movie Xanadu. The musical itself basically makes fun of how cheesey the movie is!”

Another reason Konkle chose to do this musical is because of the vibrancy and catchiness of the musical.

“We have a strong crop of singers and dancers which is part of why I choose to do this show in particular,” she said.

On Saturday Dec. 4, the drama club was supposed to go to compete at regionals with their play “She Kills Monsters”, but due to the school going into virtual learning for a week, they chose not to go.

“It was hard to come to this decision, but She Kills Monsters was such a large cast and to attend a competition with 7 other schools was putting our students at a large risk,” Konkle said, “We want our students to be safe and healthy for the holiday season and we thought it would be better if BNI did not attend this year.”

Junior Jayla Lee, has been in two plays at BNI and is hoping to get a role in this musical.

“I’m excited to be in a musical and get to perform it,” Lee said. “I’d be happy to get any role but one that I’m hoping to get is Erato because of how funny and sarcastic they are.”

Lee is most excited to be in the musical and to perform. 

“I hope we’re able to roller skate with ease and make more money than we made from the play,” Lee said.