“Winter in Wonderland” tickets

Julianna Martinez, Staff

    Bishop Noll’s winter formal tickets will be sold at a discount as an apology for the issues they had at the Homecoming dance. According to Mrs. Katie Fredericksen, student council sponsor, the “I’m sorry” discount will drop the price from $15 to $12. 

       This year’s winter formal dance theme is  “Winter in Wonderland”, a winter wonderland with an Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts twist to it. 

       Imagine a snowy winter wonderland with the queen of hearts!” Fredericksen said. As part of the newly restructured dance, the winter formal will also have a new DJ that is known for playing at other local high school dances. 

  The cost of this will not impact the dance tickets, though, says student council president Felicity Miranda. We wanted the theme to be something creative but simple to put together and we wanted to focus more on finding a reliable DJ.,” she said.

    With the simple and classy theme and the cheaper tickets, the student council hopes that winter formal attendance will be higher this year than in years past. 

   “I’m most excited about the theme. I hope I can really turn the dance into a “Wonderland” since it is my last turnabout,” Miranda said. . 

   The dance is on Feb. 15 at 6:30. Tickets go on sale Feb. 3rd.