New soccer program lives up to expectations



Taking it all in. Bishop Noll’s soccer team poses with their sectional trophy,after beating Illiana Christian High School for the sectional championship 4-0 on October 8th.

Mariah Robinson, Staff Reporter

The boys soccer team has been having a great season going into the playoffs with a 14-3-1 record and winning the sectional championship over Illiana Christian High School.

On October 12th, the team played ranked #2 in the state of Indiana West Lafayette. Bishop Noll lost 3-2.


“What we could’ve done differently was our attitude and our defensive shape , when we got scored on we all reacted in a negative way , instead of thinking of getting our next goal we all got stuck on the fact we just got scored on ,with two minutes left of the game after having the lead the whole game,” co-captain senior Alan Nunez said.


Senior Javier Meraz agrees. 


“I don’t think West Lafayette had anything we didn’t,” he said.“The only thing is that they worked harder than us for the last five minutes, they probably had more shots that game than us though.”


With West Lafayette being ranked #2 in the state, the team didn’t let this affect their self esteem going into the game.


“My mentality going into this game was that it was going to be a great competitive game, but the whole time I felt that we were going to win and we didn’t fear them,.” Meraz said.


Sports strategists didn’t pick Bishop Noll as the dark horse, but Bishop Noll bringing their A-game on the field surprised the crowd for the first two quarters. 


“We knew that we were the underdogs and that no one expected us to win, but we knew that we could compete and even win,” said captain Xavier Zukley.


Bishop Noll’s soccer team was up 2-0 in the first half and lost their lead in the second half with West Lafayette kicking in the winning goal with only seconds left in the final quarter.


“ What the team would’ve done if we advanced is definitely worked on our defense shape and our attitude on the field as a team,” Nunez said.


With the season being over, the boys would have to stay in shape if continuing to play at the next level was their option.


“ A lot of guys play in indoor leagues and on different club teams. We are all putting in work so the program has the best possible season next season.” Zukley said.