Bishop Noll’s 2018 Graduates of Distinction


Bishop Noll’s 2018 graduates of distinction have been working hard all four years and are finally going to get recognition for all their hard work. There are 16 seniors with a grade point average of a 4.0 or higher. Megan Sullivan is valedictorian and Michael Quintero is the salutatorian. The other fourteen graduates of distinction are Nicholas Arambula, Makala Blakely, Abigail Damacio, Lindsay Ferrell, Julia Fugger, Jackson Heintz, Payton Hewlett, Monica Magallanes, Alyssa Morris, Alejandra Perez, Reyna Reyes, Isabel Robles, Lesley Vizcarra, Brendan Zavesky. They have never complained about anything in class and have always had a good attitude about everything which makes teaching them so much fun,” says Omelanczuk, who has taught and continues to teach most of the graduates with distinction in her dual credit Spanish class. “This class is so outstanding because they work extremely hard and are eager to learn. They do not simply do whatever it takes to get an A but they genuinely enjoy learning.”