Band and choir hosts Christmas concert fundraiser

The band and choir will perform a Christmas concert along with a taco dinner fundraiser on December 18.


This event will fundraise the band’s upcoming trip to Tampa, Florida to compete with their Halftime show, “An American music is Born.”


Mr. Carioto, sponsor of band and choir club, said, “We will use the funds for the band trip to the Reliaquest Bowl game for an emergency fund for meals and other unexpected things that may come up.”


There will be a lot of guests attending the event with 300-400 expecting to show up. According to Mr. Carioto, “All 44 band students” will be performing.


The concert will start at 7:00 p.m. The taco night will begin a couple of hours before at 3:30p.m.


“It is usually a spaghetti dinner,” says senior band member, Gabrielle Merritt. “But this year it is a taco dinner, because we’ve had several successful fundraisers selling tacos this year thanks to band parent Mrs. Magallanes.”