Enjoy a hot and steamy Valentine’s Day…with some hot, steamed sliders

Danielle Flores, Staff Reporter

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Skip tradition this Valentine’s Day and head to White Castle to feast on sliders with your special someone. Decked out in table cloths and candlelight, what could be more romantic?

Picture this; dimmed lighting, the flicker of a candle, the soft swish of a plastic table cloth. The smell of fresh cooked sliders drifts from the kitchen and soft music plays while you sit opposite the one you love. You’re greeted by a hostess, taken care of by a waiter or waitress; one of whom will snap a complementary picture to commemorate the special moment. The moment is completed by an ethereal carnation, presented to you and your date. White Castle has pulled together all the elements of a perfect Valentine’s Day and they’re ready to present it to you.

But be sure to make your reservations early. Much like other leaders in Valentine’s Day romance, like Lighthouse in Cedar Lake and Red Lobster in Munster, White Castle gets booked quickly. Call in and reserve your spot for the big day. Get connected to participating White Castle’s by calling (708)-458-4450. Then start planning your outfit. A restaurant that special, with someone close to you heart surely deserves a customer dressed to the nines!

See you at White Castle. Or should I say Love Castle?

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