Chicago’s annual “Riot Fest” will take the city by storm again in September

Kristina Vazquez, Staff Reporter

Riot Fest 2023 full lineup

Riot Fest will be taking place in Douglas Park, Chicago, Illinois on Sept. 15, 16, & 17. 


After the much anticipated lineup drop and ticket release on Tuesday May 16, fans haven’t stopped raving about the beloved alternative  Chicago native fest. Fans were most excited for the organization behind Riot Fest to release the lineup that would follow acts like 2022’s My Chemical Romance, Descendants, and Bauhaus, and 2021’s The Smashing Pumpkins, Joyce Manor, and Patti Smith. 


This 3 day event will be jam packed with musical artists, food vendors, and much more. The main acts for each day will go as follows; Friday- Foo Fighters and Turnstile, Saturday- The Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, and Queens of the Stone Age, and finally on Sunday- The Cure and The Mars Volta. Some other artists include The Breeders, Kim Gordon, and 100 Gecs. 


The fest offers tiered ticketing with 4 price points available. The only tickets available at the moment are 3-Day passes.  “General Admission” costs $279.98, “VIP” costs $389.98, “Deluxe” tickets cost $899.98, and “Deluxe+” passes cost a whopping $1,499.98. 


Although many are excited for this huge festival, a lot of residents around the Douglas Park area have sparked controversy about what the festival brings to the area, both good and bad. Many neighbors are opposed to the fest, though, many also show their support for it. 


Despite tension, Riot Fest will still take place at Douglas Park on Sept. 15-17. More information including artist time slots and 1 day pass details will follow.