Pearl Jam Review

Robert Aguirre, Sports Editor

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On August 22, Pearl Jam came to Wrigley Field on the Northside of Chicago and put on their last concert of 2016.

During the concert Eddie Vedder and the rest of Pearl Jam had featured four new songs, brought out NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, and also stopped the concert at one point to kick a fan out. Vedder, a Chicago native, showed love to his hometown teams by playing “Given to Fly” for the Chicago Cubs and “Black, Red, and Yellow” for the Chicago Bulls, Rodman came out near the end of the song and Vedder jumped into his arms having a great time.

The concert had started at 8:00 and was expected to end around 10:00, but it didn’t end until 11:00. They were rocking out Wrigley. In effort to stop the show, the stadium lights were turned on but that didn’t stop Eddie. The concert continued for another 30 minutes. img_5029

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