‘IT’ remake allows a new generation of horror fans to experience Pennywise

Moira Deel, Staff Reporter

Ever since 1990 when the made-for-TV two-special of Stephen King’s IT came out, people have been terrified of clowns and what is lurking in our sewers. The story follows a bloodthirsty, shape-shifting clown named Pennywise who terrorizes and eats the children of Derry, Maine. The clown comes back to wreak havoc every 27 years, and 2017 marks the anniversary. However, instead of a sequel to the movie, director Andy Muschietti decide to remake the “90’s classic.”

When the trailer for IT was first released to the world, many people had different opinions on the movie including the fear they felt when they first saw the 1990’s version.

“Honestly when I first heard of the remake and saw the trailer I was very hypocritical, I told myself I would not go see it because I thought it would be ‘dumb,’” said senior Reyna Reyes. “But low and behold, I went to see it. At first I thought they would ruin the movie by recreating it, due to the original already being kind of creepy, I thought they would over do everything and just butcher it, but they actually did a pretty good job at recreating it.”

Many people couldn’t decide whether the 1990 version or the 2017 version was the best telling of the King’s beloved horror book. Senior Morgan Andrade agrees that the 1990’s version was more comical than scary, and 2017’s version was more terror than laughs. She loved the original but finds the plot of the 2017 version to be more in depth with the characters and the storyline.