Muchi Muchi Yogurt

Mia Washington, Staff Reporter

The young and vibrant Muchi Muchi Yogurt located on 95th St,  is rumored to be a staple treat for those who reside in Oak Lawn, Illinois. At Muchi Muchi Yogurt, customers can choose from a wide variety of delicious yogurts and add as many toppings as needed. After making your soft serve creation, you weigh it to determine the price which ranges from $15 or less including tax.  My personal favorite is Vanilla Yogurt with granola, strawberries, and whipped cream which only costs about $7, and the best part is that it can come with a smoothie of your choice.

Address: 4821  95th St. Oak Lawn, Illinois  60453

Hours: 12-9 pm. Saturday- Sunday

Cost Rating: $$