1950s-style sci-fi musical coming to BNI this spring


  This spring, the Bishop Noll Theatre Department will be bringing a 1950s inspired musical titled “Zombie Prom” to the stage. According to Ms. Kayla Jones, theater director, the musical is based in the 1950s and “has Grease vibes”.

  Part comedy, part 1950s sci-fi b-movie, the musical follows a good girl (Toffee) who falls for the bad boy (Jonny without an “H”) and is told by her parents that she cannot be with him. She breaks it off and because of his unhappiness, he drives his bike into the local nuclear waste dump. However, in a twisted turn of events, he returns to town as a zombie. He still wishes to graduate and take the girl to the prom. All while this is happening, a principal is trying to force him out of the school and a scandal reporter talks about him on television.
  This wasn’t the first idea for the spring musical. Originally, Jones considered “Once Upon A Mattress”, the musical version of the beloved “The Princess and the Pea”. Unfortunately, she said she simply doesn’t have enough boys interested in theater to pull off that production.

  “I’m still hoping we get a lot of guys to join nonetheless for this one!” Jones said.

  She is hoping for a cast of roughly 25-30 people, so there will still be a decently large sized cast, but also enough room for things to happen on stage. There are four lead main characters in this show: Toffee, who is the high school senior who falls for the bad boy named Jonny. There is the strict principal, Principal Strict and finally the scandal reporter Eddie Flagrante. If you’re interested in being a part of the BNI production of Zombie Prom, auditions are scheduled for December 19th and 20.

  Although there was not one for the fall play, Almost Maine, there will be a children’s show for the spring musical. This one is predicted to grab the attention of and entertain youngsters.

   “I think the dancing and the fact that there will be a zombie involved in the show will be more entertaining to even a younger audience,” Jones said.