Bishop Noll band to tour New York City

Kameron Green, Staff Reporter

     The Bishop Noll concert band will be going to New York City for a tour in March. The band, which goes on a tour every other year, last visited Memphis when they performed at the Liberty Bowl bad brought back a 3rd place in the field show competition.
This year the trip, which has been booked through Bob Rogers Travel, will take place over a span of four days over spring break from March 24-28.
They are expected to arrive in NYC at 11:00 and then be ready for their first performance on the USS Intrepid Flight Deck. Over the next few days, the band will tour and perform at a lot of popular tourist destinations in New York City, including the Madison Av- enue Atrium and Sculpture Garden. The band will get the chance to tour Carnegie Hall and even see a broadway performance.
The band is fundraising for the trip. Whatever is not raised must be paid for by the students.