Cast for Zombie Prom rehearsing now for March 15 debut

Tammy Bennett, Staff Reporter

  After the success of the fall play, Almost, Maine, the Bishop Noll drama club is already rehearsing for the spring musical Zombie Prom. The play, which will take place March 15-17 in the auditorium, features a cast of four main characters, played by juniors Michael Gee, Jilsuri Hernandez, and seniors Kameron Green and John Wea.

  The 1950s-inspired musical follows teenagers Johnny Warner (Gee), a rule breaker and cool kid, and his love interest Toffee (Hernandez), Mrs. Strict (Green), a strict principal, and Eddie Flagrante (Wea), a magazine reporter always digging for the juiciest gossip standing in the way of their love. Theatre director Ms. Kayla Jones said she chose these students as the leads for their enthusiasm and their ability to make unique choices for the characters. She also said that casting had been difficult because, “every student came prepared with a ton of energy but I feel like these four students in particular brought something different to the table.”

  “I enjoy creating the characters and watching the students really bring them to life on stage,” Jones said. “The best part is when they make a realization or do something incredibly hilarious and it just sticks.” I asked her what favorite scene is and she said that she liked them all, but she really enjoys the ending because of the plot twist. The last question I asked her was what was most challenging about setting up this show and she said, “Well this musical is almost entirely done in song or talk singing. So there is a ton of music to learn which also means there is a ton of choreography that also needs to be done. I love to dance and I’ve been in musicals myself before but I am not a professional choreographer. But the way this show is set up, I really wanted to be the one to do the dancing. It’s been challenging but I think at the end of the day, it will be worth it.”