Drama Club Begins Fall Play “She Kills Monsters”

Lacey Stanford , Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll drama department held auditions for their fall play, “She Kills Monsters”, on sept 8 and 9 in the auditorium. The play is about a high school senior named Angnes who goes on a journey with the role playing game called D&D (Dungeon and Dragons) to learn more about her sister that has passed away. 

The play has themes of self identity and family with a taste of nerdy,gamer atmosphere in the ‘90’-s. There are 12 named characters to audition for plus you can audition for the ensemble which are monsters. They also need help in hair & makeup,sets,lights,etc. Abby Wojtaszek, the drama club president, plans on helping out as much as possible. This is her last year at BNI. She has been a part of plays and musicals every year.  She will be auditioning for every role but aiming to be casted as Agnes, Tilly,Lilith,Calliope ,Vera. She ended up being cast as Lilith/Lily. 

This being her last play, she is very happy for it to be a play with Dungeons and Dragons.

“Themes of sisterhood and self identity are two things very close to my heart” Wojtaszek said. “I’ve struggled with my identity and who I am in the past years, and I’m lucky to have a younger sister at BNI who is actually auditioning for the play as well!” 

Wojtaszek is excited to have the first in-person viewing of a play in the auditorium in over a year. “Please come and support the show this November,” she said “Even if you have preconceived notions on Dungeons and Dragons, or theatre in general, buy a ticket. We may just surprise you”