New Zero Hour Band Class Begins This Year

Yulianna Nolasco, Staff Reporter

     A band director created a zero hour band class this year, at Bishop Noll Institute.

     Mr. Rocco Carioto, Bishop Noll’s Band Director, created a zero hour band class this year. Zero hour is from 7:20 am to 8:00 am. In this time band members meet in the band room of Bishop Noll Institute. 

    “The zero hour band class was created to help the band students fit band into their schedule,” said Carioto. 

 Many students are wondering if there will be any other zero hour band classes.

“No, the reason for the band class was because there were too many electives that were being offered and we weren’t creating slots. Students were getting boxed out because  there were not enough time slots available with all the electives that we offer here.”

     “We practice our marching shows and music ! That’s about it, honestly- basically, if we did it in band, we do it in the zero hour,” said Indigo Moore, a zero hour band student. Moore plays trombone in the zero hour band class.

     “This clears up my school schedule a bit! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take theatre this year because of band and my required courses, but when I heard I was moved to the zero hour program for band I was really happy about it,” said Moore.

     This news is important because students can take band and another one of the courses offered at Bishop Noll without having to worry about having to choose between the two.

     Moore also said, “I decided to take the zero hour band class mostly on impulse- I had done band last year and decided to sign up again without fully processing that I would be getting up earlier. Not that I regret it at all.”