Bishop Noll will be introducing cooking club this October

Jasmin Williams , Staff Reporter

    Bishop Noll will be adding cooking club to it’s list of clubs this October after multiple students expressed an interest in cooking and baking. 

    Cooking club was started when seniors Jacqueline Garcia and Lislet Munoz mentioned how they would enjoy the opportunity of cooking and baking together to Mayra Quiroz, guidance counselor. A couple of months later Valerie Arellano asked Quiroz if she would consider helping start a cooking club at BNI. 

    “I didn’t realize how much interest there was until I heard from junior Jayla Lee who shared her creative ideas with me,” Quiroz said. 

    She met with these four students and that’s when everything started coming together. 

    Quiroz thinks kids will be interested in cooking club because cooking together requires many skills that are highly beneficial: communication, patience, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Joining cooking club is an opportunity to bond with your peers, and make new friends!, Quiroz says.

    “I signed up for cooking club because I want to learn how to make dishes and try new recipes,” says senior Abigail Wojtaszek. 

    By starting cooking club at Bishop Noll, Quiroz, hopes to ultimately feed students’ minds, bodies and souls.

    “We feed our minds with knowledge. We feed our bodies with nutrition and we feed our souls with experiences that connect us,” she says. 

    Cooking club meetings will be held on Wednesday’s after school. Participants thinking about joining this club do not need experience. 

    “All that is needed is patience, a willingness to learn, and to contribute a positive attitude about cooking,” Quiroz says.