Bishop Noll Institute gives students a time, place, and space to create art through the Art Club


Olivia Magallon, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll art club is currently working on two seasonal projects. The club, which is led by Ms. Jen Gwiazda, offers students the opportunity to converse with other students who have a passion for art.

“Creating Art can be both rewarding and therapeutic,” said Gwaizda. Art helps you learn and execute new skills that can help build confidence and give pride in your accomplishments/effort. Art skills also give you the benefit of being able to create things for both yourself and others.

Students also get to exchange ideas with other students in a setting that does not hold the same pressures and structure of being in a classroom.

“Students have input on the types of projects that we work on during Art Club and get exposure to different types of Art and techniques – like using resin, clay, paint, etc,” stated Gwaizda.

The art club has already worked on projects such as acrylic pour paintings, glass art, paper mache, resin art, ceramics, etc. This week the art club had their annual pumpkin carving party.

“The acrylic pour paintings were my favorite,” said Gwaizda, “you have to give up a lot of “control” over what the paint is going to do and where it is going to flow, which is a fun challenge!”

The art club has been involved in contributing to the Bishop Noll community through projects like creating Centennial Mass Candles for Campus Ministry and creating decorations for school dances prior to covide. Gwaizda shared that there are still projects around the school to be done.

Isabelle Taillon, a sophomore, has joined and participated in the art club this year.

Taillon expressed that she has learned how to use different supplies, how to be more creative and expressive, and how to have better conversations about art.

“I would recommend students to join art club to share ideas, meet other artists, and to just have fun and have a chill time after school,” Taillon said.

“Art club has benefitted my individuality by giving me my freedom to work on a project for a specific time but it didn’t have any due date so I wasn’t stressed to finish it,” said Taillon, “It has benefitted my creativity by allowing me to make pretty much anything I want to make and knowing whether it comes out good or bad I can just take it home.”