Bishop Noll’s Winter dance gets rescheduled

Yulianna Nolasco, Staff Reporter

     The student council will be hosting a semi formal dance on March 12, 2022. The dance, which was never scheduled this school year and was initially thought to be forgotten because of the rise in COVID cases, comes as a happy surprise to the students body. 


     According to Mrs. Kayla Jones, a Bishop Noll student council sponsor, all the details for the winter dance were settled last week. The dance, which is usually a winter dance held in February, will now be considered a spring dance. 


     The theme for the dance will be Nightlife. “It’s basically a nod to downtown Chicago, big city lights, high-class feel,” Jones said.


     When the school calendar was planned last spring, administrators decided to nix the winter dance. “There wasn’t a dance originally scheduled due to the unknown of COVID. We figured it would be safer to plan something closer to the warmer months,” Jones said.


     The spring semi formal will start at 6:30 and tickets will go on sale in early March.  All current Bishop Noll students are welcome to purchase tickets.