Seussical the Musical Coming to Noll this Spring


Mayra Pena, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s Drama Club will be performing Seussical the Musical  as their annual Spring Musical during the weekends of March 13th and March 20th.

As the fall play, The Importance of Being Earnest, reached its finale, staff and students couldn’t help but wonder what was next to come. Mr. Burgun, Drama Club Sponsor, announced that auditions will be taking place as soon as possible, and that everyone who is interested is encouraged to go out and audition.

Burgun chose Seussical the Musical as a way to try and get more students involved in the theatre program who wouldn’t normally be involved and this musical is very alluring to non-theater students because it is very colorful, silly, and fun to everyone. He says that there are no specific qualities that one must posses to be a part of Seussical the Musical. The only major attribute everyone must posses is a willingness to learn.

“Practically, skill sets will dictate certain things: if a student cannot hit required notes for a part, then said student cannot perform that part. But theatre is open to anyone who wants to be a part of [it],” Burgun said.

Burgun is very passionate about staying true to what Bishop Noll Drama Club is: an Educational Theater. In his opinion, the educational theatre is all about learning and growing in skills.

“I want to do a show that benefits all of the students involved in it [as well as] a show that excites me and [gets] people excited to come and see it,” Burgun said.

The production will be directed by Burgun who is very excited to have Mr. Herr and Mr. Carioto guide the vocals and pit orchestra.

“Both bring a depth of experience and a passion for musical theatre. I can’t wait to work with them in creating some theatre magic,” he said.

Seussical the Musical features a large cast with alot of opportunities for solos. It contains great roles for females which is rare to find in a good musical,” according to Burgun.

“It will challenge the actors, the set crew, the makeup crew, the prop crew, the costume crew; everyone. I like a challenge,” he said. “I really believe you need to stand at the start of the journey of putting up a show and think, ‘How in the world are we ever going to pull this off?’ It makes it a super fun and exciting endeavor.”