Transitions of powers

As Trump Inauguration looms ahead powers look to change hands

Mia Washington , Staff Reporter

As President Barack Obama prepares to leave the White House, the American people are preparing themselves for President elect Donald Trump. Today, Trump will be sworn in as 45th president of the United States.

According to ABC news, Trump’ s inauguration theme will be the same as his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”. Although the black-tie event is expected to be a success, the boycott of the inauguration has grown. Sixty-five Democratic lawmakers have declared that they will skip the event in protest.

“I thought long and hard about attending the Inauguration because I value our democracy and respect the office of Presidency, regardless of party. However, the disparaging remarks the President-elect has made about many groups, including women, Mexicans, and Muslims, are deeply contrary to my values. As a result, I will not be attending,” said Lucille Roybal-Allard, California Representative.

The election of Trump as President of the United States has caused a lot of debate on a civil and national level. Leaders from Asia, Europe, and Latin America congratulated him, and even offered some ideas on how to govern. Despite these good wishes, Trump still faces the challenge of his reputation to the American people. In an article in the New York Times, the anonymous writer stated, “His [Donald Trump] triumph was seen as good for Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, but made some in mexico nervous.” In addition, there were memes, videos, and various posts, and articles written by established magazines and newspaper including The New York Times and Vanity Fair made by angry citizens who opposed his election.

According to an article on The Wall Street Journal’s website, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that President-elect Donald Trump deserves space to pursue his agenda while also suggesting he tread carefully on certain issues such as immigration and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite the controversy, one thing the majority seems to agree on is that he has a very solid platform. The platform emphasizes renegotiating free trade agreements, enforcing immigration laws, pursuing energy independence, investing in infrastructure, repealing the Affordable Care Act , and abolishing Common Core education standards.