8th graders introduced to STEM

Moira Deel, Staff Reporter

Last spring, principal Lorenza Jara-Pastrick devised a curriculum for a STEM class for 8th graders, which would allow them to receive high school credits in math and science.  On Sept. 11, 20 8th grade students from St. John the Baptist, St. Casimir, St. Stan’s in East Chicago, and St. John the Bosco began their first STEM and Algebra classes at Bishop Noll. In the STEM class called “Modeling and Designing”, students will build and work with Lego Robots. Mrs. Mary Albrecht, STEM teacher, said that if the students enroll at Bishop Noll next year, they will already have a freshman STEM credit and can take an advanced STEM class instead.

Mrs. Colie Zwierz, math teacher, is teaching an Honors Algebra. As freshman, they will already have the algebra credit and can continue into Honors Geometry.

“We hope that these students want to attend Bishop Noll next year and can be leaders in the next STEM process in the engineering classroom,” Zwierz said. “We also hope the word gets out about our program and even more students want to take part next year, whether it’s the 8th grade program or attending BNI as freshmen.”

Albrecht agrees.

   “I hope for the students to enjoy their time at BNI and want to continue their education at BNI.  I also hope that they find a love for STEM curriculum and want to continue taking STEM classes,” she said.