New schedule change to improve student productivity

Tyler Robinson, Staff Reporter

      A new academic schedule, which eliminates College and Career Planning, and adds two morning Student Resource Time periods, went into effect this school year.  Bishop Noll’s new schedule is to help students utilize time and to allow them to finish their work the first thing in the morning.

      Principal Lorenza Jara-Pastrick said that students were not completing their assignments during SRT last year, so adding SRT as the first period in the morning on Mondays and Fridays would aid them in completing their assignments.

      The half-hour CCP (College and Career Planning) was eliminated to allow more time in academic classes.

     “CCP tended to be a waste time from what I observed last year.  I talked with many Seniors (from the class of 2017) who went through PRT, SRT, and CCP and I gathered feedback.  I decided on the new schedule to better service students and staff,” Pastrick said,.

Wednesday afternoon SRTs will be used to assist in assemblies and in the LEAD ME LORD theme for this new school year.