New Bishop Noll Writing Center to open in October

Angel Barreto, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll English department is ready to launch the new Writing Center this fall. The BNI Writing Center is one of the many big projects BNI is working on this year. The main purpose of this center is to help students in need for their writing assignments. English teachers Ms.Rose Mullaney and Mrs. Mariann Laird have worked together in putting this project to action.

While Mrs. Laird and I will be in charge of the Writing Center, a select group of trained student tutors will offer assistance to any student needing help with his or her writing,” Mullaney said.

Not only will it help students with their writing, but it is a good way to help students interact with students they might not know, helping with their social skills.

The obvious point of this project is to help students with their assignments. But, “there is so much more to it,” Mullaney said.

“The English department hopes to cultivate a better attitude toward writing among all students and across curriculums.”

The student  tutors, who are skilled enough to help students with revision and prewriting, will help the students throughout the writing process.

Their main goal with the Writing Center is to get students more involved with writing, and to gain a better understanding of writing, which will lead to stronger writing skills these students will have.

         “Once the Writing Center opens its doors, students in need of tutoring can sign up online to schedule an appointment during SRT.” she said.

       The Writing Center will be a great program for the school. Helping students learn how to wrong and better learn the writing process is always great. Also, signing up for it isn’t hard at all, so it will be very convenient for those students in need of help. The Writing Center will open on October 2.