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Since senior orientation in August, the buzz has been that seniors with good grades and good behavior will be granted the opportunity to skip morning Student Resource Periods on Mondays and Tuesday and instead, arrive for homeroom at 8:45. This was dependent on senior performance during 1st semester. However, as of now, Mrs. Pastrick, principal, has confirmed that this will be happening next semester.

Mrs. Pastrick sees it as a nice way to give back to seniors that still care about school because usually seniors don’t care anymore once they are a senior but this is a way to show her appreciation for those who have not checked out.   

“There is a serious disease called senioritis and students check out of high school before they are done.  This is just my little way to incentivize working hard to earn a nice perk.”

The students that have a 3.5 or above will not have their grades monitored if they maintained it their whole time being at BNI but their attendance to their regular classes will be checked weekly. If they start being late or missing their regular classes this privilege will be taken away.

This perk is only extended to seniors because Mrs Pastrick wants to test this out if all goes well then she plans on extending it to juniors as well next year or sometime this year.


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Senior Srt