Champions Together

Nicole Garcia, staff reporter

Bishop Noll is gearing up to begin its partnership with Champions Together, an immersive program that pairs children or young adults with intellectual disabilities with students from Indiana high schools to participate in athletics. The Bishop Noll athletic council is spearheading this program in hopes to boost students’ awareness of people with disabilities and create interest in the Special Olympics.

“The goal is to get better social skills and interact with people that we never interacted with before” said Savannah Krolak

Champions Together director Lee Lonzo and Special Olympian Andrew Peterson spoke to the student body on Jan. 10 about the possibility of participating in the program.  “He interacted with the crowd well and to get Bishop Noll students involved is tough,” said junior Chyna Davis.  

Champions Together’s mission is to provide a year around sporting events for kids and adults that maybe can not participate in regular school activities.The program also wants to make sure that these participants have a voice in anywhere or anything that they do.

       “The way you get involved is to email Mrs. Krolak or any of the members from the athletic council and they will provide you with any information needed,” said sophomore Emily Sutton, athletic council member.“It’s a good way to get involved with your school and help a good organization. It is also a good way to meet new people.”  

Bishop Noll’s first event with Champions Together will be an integrated track meet on March 24.