Knitting club knits scarves for special olympics


Bianca Flores, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s knitting club made scarves for the Special Olympics last month as part of a service project of an annual charity event that knitters from all over Indiana participated in.

With the help of knitting club sponsor Ms. Rosalie Schmidt’s  mom, the club made nine scarves to send to the Special Olympics of Indiana in Indianapolis by January 2. Each scarf had to contain the official colors of the Special Olympics of Indiana: red, white, and gold; but the students were allowed to make any pattern of their choosing. Sophomores Bethany Askew and Olivia Baczkowski said they worked long and hard and even picked up some new skills.

“I chose this project because scarves are fairly easy to knit, and the patterns for them are fun to learn. I wanted my students to learn how to change colors, a new skill,” Schmidt said.