The New Tv

Today’s kids are killing cable TV More young people are cutting the cords to cable television and investing their time in streaming TV shows, a cheaper and more efficient source of entertainment

Angela Luna , Staff Reporter

    It seems like there’s always a new Netflix original show or movie trending on twitter: Stranger Things, Sex Education, Narcos, Birdbox, To All the Boys I’ve Loved, and Roma (to name a few). Meanwhile, binge watching new shows or seasons has overtaken watching a show whose episodes air weekly. Our favorite shows have become extremely accessible and can be watched anywhere and at anytime. Streaming services changed the way we watch TV, but streaming has revolutionized itself since it began to gain popularity.

   “Netflix Originals” and other streaming original productions have become extremely popular and continue to nominate the charts and awards. Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, The Crown, and Big Mouth are all popular stream-only shows that have gained attention, but it wasn’t until award season that streaming popularity was showcased. The 2018 Emmys nominations marked a tipping point for streaming television. TV history was changed when Netflix topped the list of platforms with the most nominations at 112. Meanwhile, Hulu nabbed 27 nominations, and Amazon received 22 nominations, their most ever. At the same time, major tv networks have been losing awards nominees in recent years.

   57% percent of Americans are subscribed to a streaming service and good content is increasing subscriptions. This in turn marks a change in what we watch and how we watch things. Cable is becoming less and less popular. Streaming makes it easy to watch the shows and movies consumers want, at anytime and pace.  Approximately 33.0 million adults canceled cable in 2018, therefore eMarketer reports that in 2019 the percentage of consumers who cancel traditional pay-TV service will climb to 32.8%.

   The end of cable doesn’t just begin with adults, it also continues to younger generations. Teenagers are more likely to stream and binge watch, as well as enjoy streaming originals. Nineteen out of 20 Bishop Noll high school students claim they have and use streaming services, with Netflix being the most popular.

   Meanwhile, the younger generations stream videos on YouTube. This marks the beginning of the streaming site’s emergence in original content like shows and movies.

   The future of streaming continues to grow and has much in store and promised for the future. With original’s booming, Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, has vowed to spend over $8 billion dollars on content for Netflix in 2019. YouTube also plans to expand its platform to add more original content and channels in 2019. This intern could mark the end of cable in the next years.