JoBros mania returns

Bianca Flores , Staff Reporter

Jonas Brothers to release first album in decade in June

The hair changed, the music is new and their lives have drastically changed. Gone are the wisps of hair over one eye and gossip over who was dating Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, or Demi Lovato. They have been replaced by buzzcuts, marriages and kids. Since the band’s breakup in 2009, two have gotten married and one engaged. There was some trouble in the band which originally caused the split, but they have worked through it all, had separate careers and lives and are now back and better.

With the release of their hit ‘Sucker’ on March 1st came the announcement of the Jonas Brothers returning as a band this summer. The siblings–Kevin, Joe, and Nick– performed at their first secret show for all of the old fans in New York on March 3rd, with all of their classic hits such as ‘Love Bug’ and ‘Burnin’ Up’. This announcement came as a surprise for most fans of the band, but their personal statement that the brothers decided to put their personal issues behind them and after attending many therapy sessions that contributed to their rendezvous has ushered in a whole new decade of JoBros mania. This time, though, the mania is spearheaded by 20-somethings instead of tweens.  

“When it ended it was not good. It was a couple years of rebuilding our family, and in our mind it seemed impossible for us to do this ever again,” said Joe.

According to a survey of 54 students at Bishop Noll, more than half of the students picked Nick as their favorite, Joe being a far second and one person picking Kevin as a favorite. Although more than half of them  on listening to their new music, 74% of them do not plan on attending any concerts in the future.

There are those hardcore fans, though, that are ready for the tour.

“I’m most excited for the new music they are going to make, as well as their performances,” said sophomore, Julianna Toro.

Others are hoping that the reunion will stir that little bit of nostalgia that brings us back to our 2000s childhood.

“I am excited for their new music and hopefully new collaborations. I think it would be awesome to see them work with Miley Cyrus,” said sophomore Mary Buksa.

The comeback of the band is going to be a hit or miss. The brothers will be in the studio working hard the next few months for this big return. They can only hope that their now, young adult fans, can keep their music careers alive.

“We started playing a little music together and realized right away this is where we are meant to be in our lives at this moment,” said Nick.