Bishop Hying


         While he will be leaving, it has many people wondering why Bishop Hying was removed after only four short years and when someone will take his place. There are different possibilities for an Interim. The Vatican made an announcement last year that bishop Hying was going to be a bishop of the diocese of Madison he became a administrator of the diocese of Gary. He’s limited for the next five weeks in what he can do. Bishop Hying’s last day will be June 24.

            For example he’s still doing conformations and he will be doing the main celebrant of the mass for the seniors graduation. He also has a board of the priest and board of consul tours. The diocese of Gary split into four quadrants : Lake County, Porter County, Laporte County. He also helps with any manitary issues, paper work, and etc. In the next couple weeks the group will sit down and choose someone for the diocese who acts as administrator until they choose the bishop. 

         It might take a couple of months or a year depending on the process of availability, relocation, and experiences for a new bishop. There is a victor general like the Vice President who will be the next administrator. He wants to give his last homily to the bishop community. 


Everyone wish to hope for a bishop who is caring and loving as Bishop Hying was. We all send out love and support for him. Everyone at Bishop Noll will miss him dearly and will be praying for him. We also send out thanks to Bishop Hying for all the love and support he has given us all these years.


  Stacia Bolakowski says,”To pray because the diocese has done a lot under Bishop  Hying and we hope to get a bishop as kind and loving as  Bishop Hying.”