Bishop Noll arranges a fundraiser for former student Jon Bock on April 4 2020

3×3 basketball tournament will be open to the public


Ceasar Perez, Staff Reporter

    Bock was a 2012 graduate and basketball player at Bishop Noll who loved the game of basketball. During his four years at Noll, he played guard for the Warriors and was on the infamous State-runner up team in 2011. Bock passed away in January of 2018 after a short illness, but on April 4, 2020, friends of Bock and the Noll community will get to celebrate Bock with a basketball tournament in his honor.  

     According to Jon’s older brother and founder of the tournament, Dave Bock, the idea of the fundraiser came from all the years of playing basketball with Jon. Whether it was one on one in the driveway, their Fisher Price hoop in their house, and getting shots up at the park or the gym. Needless to say the two brothers bonded over the sport growing up. 

     “Once the scholarship was created it seemed like a perfect way to have people reunite and celebrate in the Bishop Noll gym he loved playing in,” Dave said.

      Bock said the plan is to open registration in early January. Teams will be able to register through a link provided online, and the fee will be $100 per team of three to five players. When players register, there will be an option to sign up in the competitive division or recreational division to make it more fun for players of all ability levels. The event will begin at 10 a.m until there are champions in each division. 

   All of the proceeds for the event will go into the Jon Bock Scholarship Fund which is being used directly toward tuition for a selected student in need. Afterward the tournament, there will be a venue to watch the Final Four college basketball game where there will be food and prizes. Everyone is welcome, and if you miss the tournament, this is a perfect opportunity to come support at the after party. Any donations for the scholarship will be accepted at the event and the after party as well.

     Bishop Noll athletic director, Eric Roldan, who was Jon’s teammate and a close friend is aiding Dave Bock in promoting the event. Roldan explained that Jon was his best friend and lived at his house for a good portion of high school.

    “He was a genuinely happy, fun person who always wanted to have a good time. Everybody knew Jon and everyone loved him. We would spend countless nights ourselves or with friends playing 2K, FIFA, or writing music,” Roldan said.

   The two would spend countless time together playing video games such as 2K, FIFA, or writing music. Most of all, they played basketball together in the four years at Bishop Noll and continued to play to play in rec leagues, with friend or pickup games at the park well after graduation. 

     ”He was family for many of us and we want to make sure everyone realizes how truly special he really was,” Eric said.

   The tournament is open to anyone who wants to play or watch–not just Bishop Noll students. “We hope that lots of people who were impacted by Jon in his life will be interested in being a part of the special event,” Bock said.