Bishop Noll Students Attend Episcopal Ordination and Installation Mass

Seniors Alejandro Magana, Litzi Maldonado, and junior Mary Buksa were selected as Bishop Noll’s representatives to attend the Episcopal Ordination and Installation Mass ceremony of the Diocese of Gary’s fifth bishop, the Most Rev. Robert J. McClory on Tuesday, February 11. 

Prior to the event Litzi Maldonado explained her excitement and expectations towards the event. 

 “I have never been to anything like this before, events like this aren’t very common. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m excited to see what happens and see the process of the new bishop being installed for our diocese works,” she said. 

The students arrived at the Cathedral of the Holy Angels in Gary. Over 800 attendees gathered for the ceremonies.

The solemn procession and ceremony of the ordination and installation was very powerful. All the priests and deacons from the diocese were in attendance along with bishops from surrounding dioceses. 

Mary Buska described the procession as symbolic. Bishop McClory, Bishop Hying, and Bishop Emeritus Melczek walked through the isles of the Cathedral with their crosiers. Many guests wiped away emotional tears.

“The event was definitely a once in a lifetime event. Not many people get to experience an ordination as well as an installation of a Bishop. it is powerful,” she said. 

The two hour ceremony concluded with Bishop McClory thanking the Diocese and God. 

“I have a hopeful vision for Gary and the four counties of the Diocese,” he said. “I thank God now for the good work we will do. He is in charge.”

Upon the ceremony’s completion, the students helped out at the reception at the Thea Bowman gym. They helped direct people and were in charge of taking pictures with Bishop McClory.