Mrs. Fredericksen’s freshmen class does Stations of the Cross for third year


Nataly Salas, Staff Reporter

Freshmen theology classes have completed their annual Stations of the Cross project for the upcoming Lenten season. Each of Mrs. Katie Fredericksen’s theology classes were put into groups in which they are assigned one of the fourteen Stations of the Cross to reenact, record on their iPads, and upload to YouTube

   Mrs. Fredericksen, freshmen theology teacher, hopes for her students to have a learning and self-reflected experience from it.

   “Students [reenacted] the Stations of the Cross devotional while engaging their audience and entering into the suffering and passion of Christ. Students will see the relevance to their own lives and use Lent as a time for growth and reflection,” Fredericksen said. 

   Prior to Fredericksen’s arrival at Noll, the school did an annual school-wide presentation of the Stations of the Cross in the gym once before Easter. When Fredericksen revived the concept, she brought the Stations into the digital age by having the videos accessible by QR codes posted throughout the school building. Fredericksen says that by having the Stations on video, someone can access the devotional anytime, anywhere and it helps fill the void that has been left by not having the Stations performed at a Catholic school. 

    Freshmen Aleni Vasquez’s group was assigned Station Seven:“Jesus falls for the second time.” Vasquez said her job was to help record and edit the scenes in which her group reenacted. According to Vasquez, the stations can be a big learning experience for all students involved or even the ones just simply watching the small scenes that were created by the freshmen class. 

    “I learned more about Jesus and the Stations during this project.”