NHS process hardly changes during COVID-19

Zachary Plebanski

The National Honor Society has opened up the application process for 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t changing much to the application process. 

“There really are not major changes to the process compared to past years”, said Miss Stacia Bolakowski, 5th year NHS faculty adviser.

However, a new additional essay about personal character will be included in the application packet that hasn’t been included in past years. The criteria applicants must meet – scholarship, leadership, service, and character – are all the same as they were in previous years. 

But with over 100 students choosing to stay virtual–and about a quarter of those qualifying for the NHS–the question of potential academic dishonesty and how to detect it arises. Bolakowski said, “The application is designed for students to take a really close look at themselves and their academic and extra-curricular choices during their high school careers.” 

Junior member of NHS, Octavio Bautista, said maintaining good grades and doing service have been more difficult because of COVID, but the criteria to apply and get into NHS shouldn’t change, “… because as a student, you should hold yourself accountable for the way you educate yourself at home,” Bautista said.

According to Bolakowski, plans for an induction ceremony have not been finalized, but they have been discussed.

“Right now, the current NHS officers and I will be planning for two possible induction ceremonies: an in person and a virtual one… specific information will be announced at a later date,” she said.