Bishop Noll debuts documentary to student body on Sept. 16 to kick off Centennial Celebration


Jasmin Williams, Staff Reporter

         To prepare for this year’s Centennial Celebration, President Paul Mullaney put together a committee of Bishop Noll’s historians, past and present, to create a definitive video history of the past 100 years of the school. 

         Jeniffer Florek, communications specialist said that the documentary is being produced by Paul Nelson, a local documentarian who has been working with President Paul Mullaney, and a historian committee member, Terry McMahon Putz, a graduate of Bishop Noll and a retired BNI teacher. 

         “The documentarian has interviewed dozens of Bishop Noll and Catholic Central alumni throughout the years,” Florek said. 

        Together they’ve gathered over 2000 images and recorded 43 interviews to help tell the story of Bishop Noll. It is narrated by Chicago television journalist and Bishop Noll alum Phil Ponce.

        This documentary, which is about an hour and 15 minutes, will cover the challenges, accomplishments and setbacks throughout the years. 

         The documentary will be shown to the students on Thursday morning, and then have an official premiere to the public at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18 in the BNI auditorium. It will then be available to purchase on DVD. 

        Paul Nelson, documentarian said, “The hard part about making a documentary like this one is that there are so many things to put into a hundred year retrospective, but there is a limited time to tell the story. The most difficult part is telling as much about Noll as we can in a little over an hour”. 

       When watching this documentary, Bishop Noll wants viewers to feel proud to be a part of the Warrior family, and to be inspired to see how far the school, teachers and friendships made, and how they have impacted so many lives.