Homecoming Decorating Committee Working On Tangled Theme

Guadalupe Aguado , Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll student council decorating committee is working on researching ideas for the Homecoming 2021 theme, Tangled.

Noll’s Drama teacher, Mrs. Kayla Konkle is in charge of the decorating committee for Homecoming 2021, along with her right hand woman senior, Abigail Wojtaszek.

Konkle has taken on the role after former Homecoming sponsor Mrs. Katie Fredericksen left to become principal at St. John Evangelist. 

“I love being involved with BNI and I love to decorate things,” Konkle said. “I think I can be pretty creative so when I was asked to join the student council, I couldn’t say no.”

Wojtaszek, too, is anxious to help out the student council. 

“I’ve been on the decorating committee since my freshman year, and I joined so I could just help out,” she said. “I have an eye for decor and wanted to help the Student Council get their vision just right.” 

As drama club sponsor, and as a theatre person growing up, Konkle says her experience gives an advantage in party planning. 

“I am a perfectionist when it comes to design, but also understand that sometimes less is more, especially in the realm of theatre,” Konkle said. “I think the same can be said about planning and decorating. We want it to look fun and exciting but also not super cluttered either.” 

Knowing the theme of Tangled, both Konkle and Wojtaszek were excited to see how it was going to work out. 

“Paper Lanterns!,” said Konkle about the ideas being popped into her head for decoration. “That was such a big part of the movie was the glow of paper lanterns. Plus lots of gold and purple. Lots of ivy too!”

Wojtaszek said, “I’m really excited to see how the theme is going to translate into the dance floor! I love the movie Tangled and I can’t wait to see how we take what’s on screen and make it tangible.”

Although both have plenty of ideas for the theme, Wojtaszek was hoping for another Homecoming theme to win the student vote. 

“I did suggest the 1920s for the theme this year and I really did hope we’d do it,” Wojtaszek said. “I love that era and style, and honestly, it would’ve been a good excuse for me to buy a flapper dress and live out my Great Gatsby dreams.”

Konkle just wants exciting options, so people could actually dress up and that would be enough to decorate for. 

Being a senior meant that Wojtaszek had two normal Homecomings before the pandemic hit. Getting to know which one was her favorite, she says it was hard to choose, because she loved all the ones she had in the past. 

“I think the 80s my sophomore year takes the cake because I had the most fun that time around, and I had an interest in 80s movies at that time,” she said. “I even got a dress that was 80s themed!”

There are currently more than fifty students that signed up to be a part of the committee.

“It’s fun to get involved and be a part of creating an exciting Homecoming,” Konkle said. 

She hopes that all participants come and get everything set up with her. If a student wants to get involved in decorating, all they need to do is to either go see Mrs. Konkle or email her. 

“I hope Homecoming runs as smoothly as possible,” Wojtaszek said. “ I think with people being vaccinated and a bit more cautious, this year’s Homecoming will be better than we had last year. I’m on the Homecoming court so I’m really excited for the Homecoming game! I already have my dresses and accessories, so I’m ready to sit back and watch the game from my convertible…and maybe even get crowned, too!”