Bishop Noll shadow days are returning

Melissa Carlos, Staff Reporter

After taking a year and a half halt due to COVID-19, shadow days, the program that allowed middle schools to explore Bishop Noll, is returning.

As of now there are no official shadow days set. Shadow days are requested then approved by admissions director Mr. Jeff Stur. 

According to Stur, “As of now, it looks like we will have our first student to Shadow at Bishop Noll in the next week or two.”

Shadow days were used as a way to provide students with an interest in Bishop Noll with a first-hand look as to what it’s like to be a Bishop Noll student. 

“They are able to attend a full schedule (all seven periods), get to meet BNI students, learn more about our school from their appointed shadow student and get a true sense of our culture and environment,” Stur says. 

Student Ambassador Anaiz Espinoza, says that now is “a perfect time” to bring back the shadow days. She believes the people should be “social now”.

Shadow days are not strictly in person. “Last year,we implemented virtual Warrior Webinar Wednesdays throughout the 2020-21 school year as another way to connect with prospective students and families since we were unable to host any in-person events,” Stur says. “It is my hope to once again host these Webinars during the 2021-22 school year.”

Espinoza reminisces about past shadow days when they were in-person.

The best memory I have from shadow days from previous years was trying to find enough chairs to fit everyone at the lunch table,” she says. “There would be times when everyone had a shadow, and trying to find a seat enough for everyone was so funny.”