Chess club returns this year

Lacey Stanford , Staff Reporter

After a successful run when Mr. John Gleason was a student-teacher, the chess club has started its second season with meetings being every Tuesday from 3 till 4:30 in Room 110. 

There are 38 students involved in the club, which includes a mix of veteran students coming in practice and improving with other students who are new to the game that come when they can to have fun. They welcome everyone to come just to have fun. 

Last year, the chess club had a small tournament with their club mates,  separated by beginners, average players,and advanced players. They would play against each other when they could, during lunch,after school,before school.

“This year I’m hoping the chess club will have more tournaments and maybe even have some tournaments with people from other schools,” said senior Emma Thrasher. 

 Mr.Gleason said he “is working on an upcoming scrimmage” with details to be released soon. 

 Gleason said he began this club because of his interest in it and saw that same spark of interest in a few students. 

“At the time I was still a student-teacher, but I knew right away that I wanted to play a role,” Gleason said. “Chess has been a passion of mine since elementary school and I’ve seen first hand how impactful it can be on young people’s lives – from building critical thinking skills, to heightening one’s focus, to the community of chess itself.”