BNI Guitar club meets in STREAM lab every other Thursday

Tayden Phillips, Staff Reporter

Guitar club, an after-school meetup for students interested in playing guitar, met for the first time this past Thursday, Sept.30, in the STEM room.

The club, started by Mr. Ed Watrobka, English teacher, and Mr. Gleason, social studies teacher, kicked off with a turn out of around 10 people.

Watrobka said he got the idea for the club after he stopped by the Stream Lab during a Video Gameplay Club meeting and a student was playing a Jackson King V guitar with a few students surrounding her. Experienced and Inexperienced players alike are welcome to join, with guitars being provided for those who don’t have one. The club plans to take place every other Thursday after school from 3:00-4:00. “I hope we can share our love of guitar with players of all skill sets,” Watrobka says.