BNI’s women’s empowerment club plans to mentor middle school girls starting November

Melissa Carlos, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’swomen empowerment club is hosting visits for middle school students at BNI in order to empower young women.

The women’s empowerment club was founded two years ago with the plan to empower other young women at Bishop Noll. They are taking this one step further by reaching out to middle school girls at surrounding feeder schools.

Founders Alejandra Castellanos and Carmelina Komyatte, both ‘21 graduates, formed the club alongside previous Theology teacher Mrs. Katie Fredericksen. Last year, they brought to light the idea of hosting middle school visits.

“We really want to work on mentoring other women on their self image, self esteem, or any insecurities they may have,” said current club supervisor Mrs. Mary Albrecht.

Talks are planned to be given during these monthly visits at Noll starting November.

The talks are intended to be given to female middle school students. Short lessons and other “fun games/crafts” will also be taking place during these visits.

Club leader Rebecca Carlos hopes only the best for participating students.

“I hope that these activities will impact the students and for them to feel welcomed,” Carlos said. “I hope that our monthly meetings will empower the students. that they use what they’ve learned to live a more confident lifestyle.”