Bishop Noll offers bible study during SRT periods

Jasmin Williams, Staff Reporter

   Bishop Noll campus ministry began a bible study group this fall with meetings alternating between SRT periods and after school sessions to accommodate as many schedules as possible. Meetings are every other Wednesday. 

       Junior Tori Piskol, came to Ms. Stacia Bolakowski, campus minister, at the end of the last school year and mentioned how she would like to start a bible study group. They got together and worked it out. 

       “She is really driving the force behind this new group,” Bolakowski said. 

       The Bishop Noll bible study group’s goals include getting students talking about scripture, talking to each other and helping students realize that studying the Bible is not as complex or difficult as it may seem. 

       “We have about 7 people who come to bible study regularly, right now we are mostly trying to better understand the scripture and how it relates to use,” Piskol said. 

       If you are interested or have a passion for learning more about scripture, want to enhance what you are learning in your theology classes or even just want to get closer to God, bible study might be right for you.