Bishop Noll heads to Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion to compete in theatre competitions.

Jasmin Williams, Staff Reporter

    Fourteen Bishop Noll drama students will compete in the theatre state competition Jan. 21 through Jan. 23 at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. 

    This is Noll’s first year of sending students, a wide range of freshmen through seniors, to this theatre competition. This will be Mrs. Konkle’s second year attending the competition. 

    “We have an extremely talented group of students, I am expecting a great turnout,” Konkle says. 

    At the state competitions, students have the opportunity to perform monologues, duo scenes, solo musical theater performances, group musical theater performances and more. Students will then be performing in front of highly acclaimed judges who have experience in the realm of theatre and through these performances students will have opportunities to earn scholarships and awards. 

    During theatre competitions, students will be competing against other students from different high schools in their categories. Competing gives students the opportunity to grow their acting ability in a competitive nature and to compete on an individual level. 

    “The competitions are so much more than just competing. You get to meet other thespians, watch plays, and do workshops. It’s truly a vibrant community,” says senior Abigail Wojtaszek.