Bishop Noll student Maegan Deel takes on the water.


Maegan and her co-workers.

Jasmin Williams, Staff Reporter

    Maegan Deel arrives at Aqua Tots in Schererville, changes into her uniform and takes students’ attendance. The Bishop Noll junior is an assistant swimming instructor at Aqua Tots. She works with a variety of children from four months old to twelve years old. She teaches swimming basic water skills of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, including various kicks. She has always wanted to become a swimming instructor, because she has always loved swimming as a child.

    “My favorite part of being a swimming instructor is seeing my students progress in their skills and the friendships I’ve created with my coworkers,” she said. 

    Maegan got this job with the help of her older brother. Her brother works at a Trek Bicycle store right next to Aqua Tots. He saw how Maegan is with her younger cousins and thought she’d be a great fit for this specific job. She went through a few weeks of training before finally getting to help out in the water. Her training was done on their Aqua Tots online program and in the water working with a co-trainer. She trained until she got enough hours done to work on her own. 

    Maegan works Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s after school and Saturday mornings for four hours. During the week she prepares for her job after school by drinking coffee and having a snack sometimes. On the weekends, she prepares for her job by having a good night’s rest.

    “During training, I was taught and shown how to help the children perform the correct skills,” says Maegan.

    Maegan helps children who are afraid of swimming by comparing the water to ice cream and having students pretend their arms are scoopers, so they can get more comfortable.

    “I like how I can make teaching water skills into something fun that the children can relate to,” Maegan says.

    Maegan works with the same students but she often has newer students come in. She also works with special needs children through the Special Needs Aquatic Program. She tracks her students progress and helps them level up to the next level.

    “Seeing how other young people are teaching children water safety made me realize I can also truly make a difference,” Maegan says.

    Being in the water for an extended period of time can be challenging for Maegan so she often takes short breaks. To ensure children’s safety Aqua Tots keeps CPR kits, lifeguard rings, and extra instructors in charge of water watching to ensure the children’s water safety.

    “I use the skills of patience and confidence to succeed in my position,” Maegan says.

    Maegan’s job is preparing her because in the future Meagan wants to go into the nursing field. When she helps children and communicates with other adults she will already have this experience.

    “Now that I am a young adult, I am glad to teach swimming skills and decrease childhood drownings,” says Maegan Deel.