Dominiak brings Graphic Design back

Tayden Phillips , Student

The year is 2012, Hannah Dominiak is a fresh graduate of Bishop Noll Institute, but ten years later, she walks the halls of her old school. No, she didn’t have to re-do her senior year a tenth time. This time, she’s the digital design and photography teacher. 


In addition to teaching, Dominiak runs a freelance business called HRDWIRE creative where she creates content on content and operates an Etsy shop peddling her original logos and designs. 


“Can one woman have it all?” No is the typical answer but Ms. Dominiak, BNI alumni, photography/ digital design teacher and small business owner, might disagree. 


After graduating, it’s safe to say that she was not expecting to be walking the Bishop Noll halls again, especially not as a teacher. 


Dominiak studied journalism in college and worked her first out of college job as a newspaper designer, while simultaneously doing freelance work. 


“I think I knew I could run a small freelance business because [sic] of my full time work schedule gave me that extra time, as well as I felt confident and prepared in my abilities as a designer and in social media,” says Dominiak. 


Her first project was a big one, designing a digital app and managing social media channels for the reputed “Perogi Fest.” 


“It had always been a fun dream of mine to really start moving Pierogi Fest’s digital presence forward during my time at Ball State, and right after graduation it was cool to make that happen,” Dominiak says. 


After that event, Dominiak has been working freelance as an “added bonus” to her typical work hours. Her working in a more structured design environment helped Dominiak build up her confidence to start her business. 


In 2020 Dominiak had to start working from home and with reduced hours, so she needed to pick up some new hobbies. After patching up her grandmother’s old sewing machine, she started making masks, coffee slaves reusable makeup wipes, and many more reusable items. 


“I wanted to create products that were going to be useful and eco-friendly, and liked to source fun, different fabrics as well as repurposed materials.”


While Dominiak does love to be her own boss, she says working with co-workers and having a set routine. Plus it’s, “not nearly as lonely.” Dominiak says.


“Although it may seem like she is a multitasking pro, everyone needs a chance to recuperate. Dominiak is taking a break from her online store to focus on her school work, but she hopes to be back soon. 


“Design isn’t just something that is ‘pretty’ but something that can be used to influence and tell a story and move that story forward.” 

Dominiak assisting photography student
Dominiak (right) with with unnamed photography student