Spring Musical hair and makeup auditions


Cast members from the spring musical Xanadu stay after school to rehearse for the play. Makeup auditions are held on April 20th.

    Junior Adrianna Alvarez is in charge of hair and makeup for this year’s spring musical, Xanadu. The spring musical hair and makeup auditions were held Wednesday April 20 after school. 

    Alvarez was looking for about 10 students to audition: five for hair and five for makeup. She required participants to know the basics of hair and makeup before auditioning since this year, there is a bigger cast. 

Alvarez said that a requirement is speed because she needs to get people in and out of the makeup chairs quickly. 

    The inspiration for this musical is disco. The audience can expect 1980s glam with big hair and lots of glitter.

    “For makeup I’m expecting to see different eyeshadow techniques along with blending of foundation, concealer and contour. For hair basic techniques with curling and flat ironing,” Alvarez says. 

    There will be three practices. One for just basic information on what participants need to know, one for advertising the show by making Tik Tok’s and one for rehearsal. 

    Alvarez wants to make sure everyone is on the same page and works together as a team. 

    “There have always been auditions for hair and makeup but this year it was crucial because we are working with more makeup and hair looks,” she says.