Women’s empowerment raises money for dispensers


Women’s empowerment’s Instagram.

A trunk full of Donations. The Women’s empowerment club receives donations for the Sojourner Truth House in Gary. The donations were gathered and donated in February of 2020. “BIG thank you to everyone who came out to support and brought donations!” The Club’s caption reads. (Bni_women_empowerment/2020)

Tayden Phillips, Junior Editor o

The Women’s Empowerment Club held a comfy day and bake sale in an effort to raise funds for two causes. Funds raised will be going to a pad and tampon dispensers for the Bishop Noll girls bathroom and Haven House, which is a shelter for battered women and children.


After seeing how much of an inconvenience finding pads and tampons were during school days, the Women’s Empowerment Club decided to hold a dress down day in order to add at least one pad and tampon dispenser to the girls’ bathrooms.


“We hadn’t been able to make a purchase yet because we needed the funds. Now that we have them, we are hoping to purchase more items as soon as possible,” junior Maria Quiroga, Women’s Empowerment member, says. 


While the funds from the most recent bake sale went to funding the pad and tampon dispenser, they also went towards donating to a local domestic violence shelter, Haven House in Hammond. The club has been donating to the shelter for around three years. 


The club plans to hold more fundraisers to aid in upkeep for the dispensers. 


The Women’s Empowerment Club hopes to hold meetings at least once a semester, but they’re aiming for more, according to Mrs. Mary Albrecht, Women’s Empowerment sponsor.


“I hope the club continues on because I think it has such an awesome idea behind it. For next year, Rebecca Carlos and I hope to have meetings more often, more fundraisers, be more inclusive, and have a larger presence in the school,” Quiroga says.