The ‘National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine’ gives students a chance to explore the medical field



Students attending the NYLF in a program university are shown a display of human bones. Experts, professors, and top students helped the students understand the general human skeleton and the human anatomy. (Source: TeenLife)

Nicole Diaz, Staff Reporter

   This summer, 2022, the National Youth Leadership Forum of Medicine by WorldStrides program, or NYLF, is offering students a chance to confirm if the medical career path is the right path for them. With nine different options of host cities and session dates, the nine-day-long program invites students to learn and explore different areas of medicine, and provide students with experiences like those of graduate students and physicians.

    Students interested get to choose from a variety of top universities throughout the country, as well as different dates. These schools will be in these cities: Atlanta, GA ; Berkeley, CA ; Boston, MA ; Houston, TX ; Los Angeles, CA ; New York, NY ; Raleigh-Durham, NC ; St. Louis, MO ; Washington, D.C. The program will be held in some of the country’s top medical schools and will be supervised by experienced scholars, physicians, and well-regarded leaders. It will be a protected program and students will be sure to be safe. Tuition for the program ranges from $3,795-$3,7895 depending on when and where students decide to attend. According to the official website, the tuition includes room and board, site visits and transportation, lectures, simulations, curriculum and materials, and faculty and staff. Tuition does not cover transportation to and from the program. Students can also cover tuition if they choose to apply for scholarships based on financial need, leadership achievement, and other factors; they can also choose to set up a fundraiser to help cover some of the cost.

    This program comes with many benefits specific to future doctors. Throughout the program students will learn about medical techniques and learn about how it is to be a physician. This interactive curriculum allows students to test their personal and academic strengths with real life situations and hands-on training. Bishop Noll is a school with extraordinary future scholars, and with this program, students will get the chance to choose and confirm the medical career path they dream of.

    “I got interested in medicine when I realized how much it has helped me in my life,” said sophomore Matheiu Jadrych, who is planning on attending. “I wanted to learn more about it so that I can help those who may go through the same things as I do…”

    Medical attention and health care is always needed everywhere for everyone. From babies to athletes, everyone needs the health care they deserve. Unfortunately, health care is not always provided for everyone who needs it. This is why the world needs more doctors or people who have medical knowledge in general. Matheiu Jadrych plans to do just this with his interest in medicine.

“I would recommend physical medicines and rehabilitation to those who are athletes and want to help other players in their respective sports, even outside of those sports,” Jadrych said.

It is strongly encouraged that students unsure about the medical field should look into the program to help them decide whether or not it is for them. 

    “I would absolutely encourage others to do this program if they are interested in medicine or if they need a way to find out what they want to do early on in high school,” sophomore and interested Painalli Patino said.