Where Does Jeans Day Money Go?

Colleen Kearney, Staff Reporter

Who doesn’t love jeans days? For many years, Bishop Noll has given thousands of jeans days with the usual fee of 2 dollars. With the money that is collected for jeans days, it is used as a fundraiser for those in need. But, when do we draw the line with who is “in need”. In the community surrounding Bishop Noll there are many families who are struggling that do not receive our help, when others do. Bishop Noll alone cannot help everyone so how do we tell when enough is enough. Also, when is it time to use this money for our own schools needs.  The jeans days are a substantial fundraiser that was created that brings in a ton of money because every student cannot wait for the day that they don’t have to wear their dreaded uniform. Because of that simple fact, jeans days should not be thrown out but if we can’t help everyone, how do we decide who we do and don’t help. Has anyone ever thought of putting our jeans days money to a few selected charities/families in need rather than a little bit of money to many? Bishop Noll can make an enormous impact on a selected group if we chose to give jeans day money to only certain charities. There are many other charities throughout the year that Bishop Noll does that will be able to help many other people too, so we would not be excluding anyone. It actually becomes an argument and question of ethics especially being a Catholic school. Many people in the school may know someone who is struggling and could use Bishop Noll’s help, so how does one choose between our very own students/teachers to help over the other? The answer is you really can’t.  Being a Catholic school it is expected that we, as the Bishop Noll community, reach out and help those in need. However we would not be stopping our charity work, just rationing the help we give to a few groups and making a great impact on those we do help. So here is the option. Make a bigger impact on a few selected groups using the jeans day money or continue to choose one family over the next, it’s our call.