A great love portrayed in film, “The Last Letter from Your Lover”

Olivia Magallon, Staff Reporter


Jennifer scrambles to remember her life before the accident. She returns home with no memory of herself, her husband, her old life, etc. Flashes of memory run through her mind. They are memories filled with love and laughter, but the person in these memories is not her husband.

Scanning through her bookshelf she opens a book and realizes it contains a letter. The letter read, “My dearest and only love, I know you’re frightened, but believe me when I say I’ve known nothing like this before, and can assure you that I never will again. It’s with that certainty that I’ve decided to make a bold decision. I’m going to take the job in New York. I’ll be on platform two, Marylebone, Friday at 7:15 PM. Come with me, darling. Spare him a life-lived, a marriage of convenience. More importantly, spare yourself. Seize this thing that is true, and real, and infinite. Yes, it is scary. But I believe living a lie is worse. We could be happy. So happy. Know that you hold my hopes, my heart in your hands. Your boot.”

This film is a romance/drama called The Last Letter From Your Lover directed by Augustine Frizzell. This movie is based on the novel The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moses.

Reporter Ellie Haworth, played by Felicity Jones, is tasked with writing an article about the late editor of her paper. While remudging through papers, she comes across a letter. Once she reads one, she is enchanted by the beautiful words of this great love portrayed in the letter and searches to find more letters. Ellie goes on a journey to search for answers of what happened between these lovers.

This compelling story of forbidden love leaves you wanting more. Every letter that is found and read leads you to wonder, what happens next? Ellie tries to solve the mystery of the love between “J” played by Joe Alwyn and “Boot” played by Callum Turner. Did they get their happily ever after?

This love story takes place in the summer of 1965. Jennifer and her husband travel to the French Riviera for vacation. What is a more beautiful and romantic place to fall in love than France? As Jennifer’s husband pays no attention and leaves her for long periods of time she finds love in this beautiful city. Spending time together in such a breathtaking place adds beauty to this romance film.

The time era taking place in 1965 also adds on to the romance of this film. Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned type of love?

This movie could have improved by giving more insight to the problems of Jennifer’s marriage. The way that her husband ignored her, made no time for her, and even silenced her should have been brought to light more. Besides this it was still a beautiful film.

This film was released on Netflix July 21, 2021. So if you have the time and you feel like you want your heartstrings tugged at, this is the movie for you.