Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Should You Hit Or Miss.


“I’m Dr. Addison Montgomery. And you must be the group that’s been screwing up the program,” my TV echoed. Meanwhile, I screamed enthusiastically.


Grey’s Anatomy, a popular medical drama on ABC beloved by many teens and adults around the globe, premiered their eighteenth season in September. The show follows former intern turned resident, Meredith Grey in her journey at Seattle Grace Hospital. Since 2003, Greys Anatomy has made us laugh,cry, love, and hold our breaths. With all the surprises in store this season, is it enough to support yet another?


Released in 2003, Grey’s Anatomy starts with five interns, including Grey. And now in their eighteenth season, shows Grey as the only one left. Meredith Grey has been played by Ellen Popmeo for the last eighteen years. Throughout the show, she’s been seen alongside other popular actors like Patrick Dempsey and Kate Walsh. Who both have made appearances after each other’s respective leaves. With the appearance of Addison Montgomery, we’ve also seen Meredith’s late mother, Ellis Grey, make a return at the start of the season. As if the return of old characters wasn’t juicy enough, it was also recently released that for the very first time in Grey’s Anatomy history a non-binary doctor is joining the cast and Meredith’s long awaited return to neurosurgery is finally here. 


After I watched the first episode, I felt bamboozled. I was expecting more substance, like drama and action. I felt really cheated out, so my initial thought was there is no way another season could be supported by this mess. But I got to say, I was really fooled. When I heard about the non binary doctor and Meredith’s speciality change on tiktok my mind was blown. It was a complete 180 for me. In my opinion, it would be so shady if they cut the show after this season. It would be the biggest slap in the face to finally have representation in the cast and cut the show. Not only that, but the storylines would end weird too. You can’t just change Meredith’s specialty from general surgery to neurosurgery like nothing and have no further plot.


You know, I would give this season 10/10 though, Grey’s Anatomy is my jam lowkey. It’s like my comfort show, and yes, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be devastated if the show would end after this season, especially because of the juicy storylines we got going on. But alas, all things must come to an end eventually within the next two years or so, it’d be a good place to end I think. 


Grey’s Anatomy is the best ever literally. Words cannot explain how happy that show makes me. If you want to give the show a shot it’s on every Thursday on ABC and the other seasons preceding season eighteen are all on Netflix. And if you’re someone who absolutely hates Grey’s Anatomy, give it a chance, maybe you’ll surprise yourself.